Making Changes

All of us have been affected in some way by the COVID-19 pandemic. I have a full-time job in human resources and was not able to go to work due to my organization’s closure. I took this time to tackle some projects at home, including improvements to Henry Handbags.

I was so excited for continued growth this year by scheduling more events, hoping to meet new customers and creating new bag designs. I was scheduled to participate in three art shows and a few local events this spring. Then the pandemic came. Everything cancelled and I paused. How can I clear some of this inventory, so I can make more? I already had this website in place for a few months, but I had to learn how to setup an online shop. Thankfully, I received an email for a free webinar and the rest fell right into place. I know this website isn’t perfect, but I have achieved my goal of putting my bags online so customers can see what I have and hopefully make a purchase.

So, when did all these face masks appear? I volunteered my time to sew face masks for a local sandwich shop. They provided the materials and I went to work. I was so glad to be helping in some way and sewing was a bonus for me. Due to the shortage of elastic, they provided para cord for ear loops or ties. I had no idea how I was going to use it. I was thankful to come across a video on tying slip knots…aha!

It started with a specific request for several face masks. Then I began digging in my fabric scraps to make masks for my family. Now I have an assembly line of masks every day! If you’ve purchased a face mask from me, thank you! I have them available on my website and at Plume, a local shop here in Columbia. I worry that I won’t be able to make enough. I’m not used to this supply and demand situation, but I’m trying my best. Remember that full-time job I mentioned? Well, I’m back at work now. This is a big factor in my available time to make more masks, but I’m glad to be there during the day to be productive and contribute to my organization.

Recommended face mask care instructions:

• Recommend hand wash or machine wash gentle cycle (inside garment bag) before first use
• Air dry
• Can be ironed at low temperature

I provide an open pocket in every mask for you to insert a filter if desired. Possible filter options include coffee filter, cotton fabric scrap or HEPA filter.

Below is a video I created to show how I tie the slip knots. Make your own mask or re-tie a knot that may come loose over time.

I honestly hope the mask mania doesn’t continue for very long. No one knows what the future brings, but I will continue to do my best. Please let me know if you have any questions.

Stay safe!


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